Extempore- The Speaking App I Have Been Waiting For

For the last few years, I have collected all homework assignments on online through sites such as Edmodo and Google Classroom.

While these sites make collecting and grading homework easy for me, and my students and parents love the convenience, there was always one type of assignment I couldn’t figure out how to do easily- speaking assignments.

Even in 2017, I have anxiety about whether my students will be able to record an mp3, save it, and then upload it. I worry their computer won’t have a microphone or they can’t figure out how to use an app on their phone.

Perhaps these fears are unfounded, but they are a result of the shock I had when I first started taking students online. Sure, they know how to play video games on the computer, but that’s about where it stops.

I had always wished Edmodo or Google Classroom could implement a recording mechanism within their apps so I could collect speaking samples easily from my students.

That day has yet to come (or I am uninformed). But recently, I came across an app that solves my problem. The app is called Extempore. Continue reading “Extempore- The Speaking App I Have Been Waiting For”