ETA-ROC 2016- Using Online Apps in the EFL Classroom

About the ETA 2016 Presentation

As technology becomes more integrated into our everyday lives, there are calls for educators to implement more technology in their teaching practices. As these calls become louder, more and more developers are turning their focus toward online apps for education. This workshop will introduce a few of these online apps with applications in secondary foreign language classrooms. During the workshop participants will interact with the online apps along with the presenter through their smartphones. Through participation, participants will experience how apps can be used to provide practice to secondary students both inside and outside the classroom in the areas of vocabulary, writing, and speaking.

The first app to be presented is Quizlet. Quizlet is an online app that provides many different ways for practicing vocabulary such as flashcards, self-tests, and games. Participants will both experience Quizlet as students practicing vocabulary as well as learn how to set up their own lists. The second app, Edmodo, is a “social network” for education. In the workshop participants will explore the possibilities of using Edmodo for the writing process including brainstorming, drafting, peer and teacher revising/editing, and publishing. The final app is Educreations, an interactive whiteboard with recording capabilities. The presenter will discuss ways to use Educreations to make speaking assignments more engaging for students. The app allows for both whiteboard drawing as well as the importing of pictures.*

All of these apps are available for use both on computers and smartphones. For each app, the presenter will discuss the pros and cons of using the computer or smartphone versions. To conclude the presenter will address how introducing new technologies was presented to reluctant stakeholders (i.e. administration and parents) and answer any questions about the technologies.

*Plickers was presented in lieu of Educreations

The Presentation

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Part 1: Using Edmodo for the Writing Process


Part 2: Quizlet for Vocabulary Learning


Part 3: Plickers for Instant Assessment